About Us

We founded StrongWP with a clear vision. To provide small business owners a simple way to gain control of their poor-performing, broken, non-functioning, and costly websites, to start moving in the right direction. 

Jason Gordon
Founder & CEO

"We set out to create something unimaginable to most and held ourselves to the highest possible standards."


We said that we would only do this if we knew for certain that we could create the #1 website management service in the world.


We said that our service had to be developed using only the latest and fully tested WordPress technologies currently available. 


We said that we had to build a complete service package for WordPress websites that would meet all industry standards current and future. 


We said that our service must be highly advanced and far superior to anything else in the industry, and do it at 10 times lower the cost. 


We said that if we could make this work as we envisioned, that it would raise the standard of practice for all WordPress Management companies. 

Test our service for free and see what we happens to your website