How Core Web Vitals Impact Website Rankings

a screenshot of a gtmetrix test result showing the highest grade and 99% website optimization.

If you haven’t heard yet about the recent update to Google’s algorithm called Core Web Vitals, this is a must-read for website owners. Core Web Vitals are the new page loading speed and user experience metrics that officially became part of Google search ranking signals in May 2021. Google announced the arrival of these search […]

Cumulative Layout Shift – An Upcoming Google Ranking Factor

cumulative layout shift - strongwp

In May 2020 Google announced the introduction of a new metric that would measure and potentially improve user experience on website pages – Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS.) It will be one of the first metrics that focus on user experience by looking at more than site performance. While it is not currently a ranking factor, […]

What Are Rich Snippets and How Do They Work for Your Business?

what are rich snippets and how do they work for your business?

Very few people remember how the internet looked before the appearance of Google. But we don’t even need to go that far back to realize just how many changes have happened to the way we navigate the web. Back in the day, whenever you’d search for something, you’d be presented with just ten plain blue […]

How to Use Image Searches to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

how to use image searches to drive more traffic to your website

Every digital marketer worth its salt should know by now that long-tail keywords, website SEO efforts, and exceptional and relevant content and blog posts are the bread and butter of an effective content marketing campaign. But what about digital images? “A picture is worth a thousand words,” after all, right? Unbeknownst to many, however, can […]

What Web Agencies Need To Know About The Core Web Vitals

what web agencies need to know about the core web vitals

In recent months, Google has been notifying businesses about the introduction of the Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal. These Core Web Vitals are page loading speed and user experience metrics set to become part of Google’s ranking signals in May 2021 and will have a significant impact on search rankings. Web agency owners […]

How to Get Seen in Google Knowledge Panel without a Wikipedia Page

how to get seen in google knowledge panel without a wikipedia page

In keeping with Google’s efforts to make the internet more accessible to not only consumers but to businesses as well, Google has inadvertently confirmed that you can now get a Google Knowledge Panel without a Wikipedia page. This is an excellent way to gain visibility for your brand, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost […]

Strong Digital’s Transparent Approach and Innovative Solutions Garner Acclaim at GoodFirms

strong digital’s transparent approach and innovative solutions garner acclaim at goodfirms

Strong Digital is a renowned name in the digital marketing and development industry and is appreciated for its resolute disposition, which has comfortably placed them into the register of the top digital marketing agencies. Take a good look at Strong Digital’s GoodFirms profile to learn more about their full range of professional marketing services. Strong Digital: The […]

Clutch Names Strong Social A Global Industry Leader!

clutch names strong social a global industry leader!- strongwp

“We are extremely proud to be recognized by Clutch the leading B2B review site, as a top agency in our industry.” — Jason Gordon, Founder & CEO, Strong Social According to an expert at Forbes, digital marketing is no longer about advertising—it’s about selling a story. With buzzing phrases like “value prepositions” and “micro-influencers,” it’s clear […]

What Is The Best URL Structure For My Blog – Subdomain Vs Subdirectory?

what is the best url structure for my blog – subdomain vs subdirectory? strongwp

One of the biggest arguments in the SEO world today is the subdomains vs. subfolders debate. The topic has many webmasters and SEO specialists arguing over which is better for search engine optimization. While it might sound like a trivial thing to argue over, choosing the wrong one can actually affect your digital marketing efforts […]

Is Google Interfering With Search Results?

is google interfering with search results? strongwp

An intriguing situation involving the tech giant Google is taking place in the UK. Google has been mandated by a High Court judge to give an outside “SEO expert” an unfettered view into its highly confidential search ranking algorithm. This set of circumstances has come as a result of a long-standing legal battle between Google and one […]