A revised document by Google on content regulations classifies duplicate content in posts made by Google Business Profiles as spam.

Google has updated its content guideline for Business Profile entries to include a warning about spam.

Duplicate content, such as images, posts, videos, and logos, should be avoided by users while creating their Business Profiles.

To avoid running afoul of the new rules, it’s crucial to understand how they will affect your content strategy moving forward.

Google blog posts don’t reuse existing content

Google’s revamped content policy emphasizes the importance of posting original material.

Reposting the same image, clip, or chunk of text is not permitted.

Even if your intention isn’t to spam, it’s easy to accidentally go against Google’s new policy.

If, for example, you manage a Google Business Profile for a local service shop and regularly update it with the same promotional images to promote weekly specials. Even if you used duplicate content in good faith, Google’s new policies could penalize your site.

Additionally, it seems that Google prefers that companies not overuse logos. For example, if your company insists on watermarking every image, you could run into difficulty.

Assuring that each and every Google Business Profile post is original is the greatest method to avoid getting in trouble with the new rules.