The newest feature in search results will show what people are saying about a specific topic in online forums and discussion groups.

Announced at the Search On virtual event, the discussions and forums feature builds on the search giant’s attempts to provide links to relevant forum posts.

Google is also knocking down language barriers in the news by making it simpler to access translated stories, as stated at the Search On event.

More details regarding the new Google features that were just unveiled are provided below.

Discussions and Forums

Google has responded to a popular request by boosting the visibility of results from online communities and message boards.

New search functionality is currently being rolled out to English-speaking mobile users in the US, and it will include links to various topic threads.

In its blog post, Google writes that a new feature will pop up whenever a user searches for something that might benefit from the diverse personal experiences found in online forums and discussions.

Along with regular web results, the user will also see links to forum posts where people discuss their personal experiences.

Google also states that it may update the feature in the future as it learns which search results are most beneficial to users.

Translated News

Google is currently developing the ability to provide machine-translated news coverage.

The company has stated in its blog post:

“Let’s say you want to know how people in Mexico were impacted by the 7 magnitude eahquake earlier this month. With this feature, you can search and see translated headlines for news results from publishers in Mexico, in addition to ones written in your preferred language. You’ll be able to read authoritative repoing from journalists in the country, giving you a unique perspective of what’s happening there.”

The release of machine-translated news coverage on mobile and desktop devices is scheduled for 2023. The feature will translate German, French, and Spanish into English.