Five major improvements to mobile search have been unveiled at Google’s Search On conference.

Starting from Sept 28, the Google app for iOS will display shortcuts for common tasks in addition to the standard search bar.

During the next few months, Google will roll out improvements to the mobile search bar that will provide consumers with more precise results.

Additionally, Google’s mobile search results are undergoing a transition that will make them more visually appealing by emphasizing photos and videos.

Let’s take a closer look at these changes.

Shortcuts in Google Search

You can conduct Google searches in many different ways besides simply entering in a query.

Products may be located by importing screenshots, text can be translated with Google Lens, and music can be located simply by humming into the microphone.

The Google app for iOS has been updated to make all of Google’s more advanced search features readily accessible via tappable shortcuts.

Search bar results

Google’s mobile search results now include direct links right in the search box, making it even easier to discover what you’re looking for.

Google’s autocomplete feature will start generating results as soon as you start typing, even before you submit the query.

This function will fully roll out in the upcoming months.

Query refinements

By providing a wide variety of query refinements, Google is making it easy to locate the most suitable results.

If you’re using a mobile device to conduct a search, Google will provide suggestions as you type to help refine your query.

Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is becoming more fully integrated into Google’s mobile search engine, making mobile search more visually oriented.

In an announcement, Google representatives said they were making it simpler to research a topic by emphasizing the most relevant information available. 

When searching for information about a specific location, you may come across photo essays and video testimonials from previous visitors that offer insight into the best ways to see the city, as well as recommendations for restaurants, bars, and attractions, as well as practical information like transportation options.

Text, images & video combos

Google’s mobile search results pages are evolving into a never-ending stream of new information.

The Web, Images, and Videos tabs will all be integrated into the main Google page.

Google calls this “reimagining” of its search results page because it includes text, graphics, and video all in one place.

Additionally, you can keep scrolling to get results for similar queries.

Within the next few months, mobile users will begin to see these improved search exploration options.