Google Update: Desktop now included in Core Web Vital Algorithm

Google Update: Desktop now included in Core Web Vital Algorithm

Google announced at the end of last week that they will be rolling out page experience updates to desktop search results. This is a considerable update for SEO and PPC marketers as it has always been thought that this would only apply to mobile search results, but Google is now saying it’s going to use to desktop devices as well.

Businesses should make sure they have their website optimized for both desktop and mobile versions.

Jeffrey Jose, a product manager on Google Search, states:

“I am happy to announce that we are bringing Page Experience ranking to desktop. While we’re launching Page Experience on mobile soon, we believe page experience is critical no matter the surface the user is browsing the web. This is why we’re working hard on bringing page experience ranking to desktop. 

Optimize your site for improved user experience metrics.

The Google Page Experience update is scheduled to roll out in June for mobile devices. In the meantime, it’s not known whether the desktop version will launch at the same time.

What does this update mean? 

It’s crucial that you already prepare your desktop version of your site if you want to stay ahead of the curve with these new updates from Google. 

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