What’s the secret to driving traffic to your website? That answer lies within a well implemented content marketing strategy. In the past, generating traffic wasn’t that difficult, as all you had to do to get ranked on Google was write a short blog with a ton of keywords. In the digital marketing world of today, things are not that simple.

Increasing your organic traffic and quality of your audience are only a couple of content marketings many benefits. By following our instructions on How to Get Traffic From Content Marketing, you will be well on your way to engaging your audience, generating leads, and ultimately increasing your online visibility.

Getting Started

Content optimization, social media marketing, technical SEO and other measures need to be taken into account for a good content strategy. While there are a lot of things that can affect your results, you need to focus on what you put out first. Here are three actionable content marketing tips:

Have Valuable Cornerstone Content

Establishing yourself as an online presence is best done through content creation. However, any old blog post will not do. Your cornerstone content, or pillar content, is one of the most important parts of your whole content strategy. These pieces of content are what gets you recognized as an industry authority and where your readers will come to for their source of reliable information. These articles, in the form of a blog post, are usually ultimate guides with complete details and information on specific topics. They are very long educational pieces on a specific topic. It pays off to conduct competitor analysis so you can create an even better cornerstone piece for your own website.

Take a look here at two different websites, one of them will drive more traffic than the other. Can you guess who gets more customer engagement?

EXAMPLE – Two píctures of pillar pages one great and one very poor

Give Your Audience Want They Want

In order to give your readers what they want, see what people are asking in Google Search. Find out what searches and search results are trending. Figure out what kind of problems your target audiences and people in your industry seem to be having, and solve them. Using AI tools like SEMRush can actually show you exactly what potential readers are looking for at the moment. This way you know for sure what type of content your audience wants.

EXAMPLE – SEMRush suggestions on content

When you provide answers and solutions for your readers, you will be much more successful in terms of generating site traffic and reducing your bounce rate. This is because the more useful content you produce, the more trust people have in you and your brand. As you become the go-to source in your industry, you will gain knowledge on what your readers love and know what they want. With such information at your fingertips, your online marketing efforts will become much more profitable.

Research, Research, Research, When It Comes To Content Marketing

Putting in man-hours and doing research can prove tedious, but it is absolutely necessary when providing adequate information to your readers. Establishing yourself as a credible source of information trumps any marketing technique out there. To be an authority in your niche and create valuable content, you need to be updated on trending topics and industry news.

As an industry expert your audience will keep returning to you for the certainty of good and accurate information. Providing your readers with correct information, and contributing to the development of knowledge in an industry, field or study sum up all the benefits of doing quality research.

We recommend selecting 10 articles that rank in Google to start doing your research, not just one or two. Google the same title that you plan to write about to get these 10 articles. Pay attention to how your competitors are content writing and ranking with content. Now you can write one article with more information than all 10 of your competitors combined. That is the goal of doing research.

The Secrets To Increasing Your Website Traffic

Now that you have high-quality content, have performed proper research, and are producing content that your readers deem valuable, You’re ready to take certain steps toward generating traffic to your website via your content marketing strategy. Below are some of the most effective ways known to boost your online visibility and hit the top of Google Searches quickly.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is critical in today’s day and age to attain an online presence in Google and other search engines. SEO wasn’t a big deal until recently, but Google changed the game in a big way. Now everybody is starting to optimize their content for SEO. Getting started with SEO has never been easier with all of the optimization tools and AI features we have available at your disposal. We recommend using SEMRush and MarketMuse, these tools will show you exactly how to implement SEO into your current marketing strategy. For more in depth information check out our complete guide to content marketing.

EXAMPLE – SEMRush screenshot tutorial

When writing content, remember that proper keyword usage is just as important as any other step when driving website traffic. There are keywords and keyword phrases that are a dead giveaway and you will use them without haste, but there is a plethora of keywords you can add to your repertoire. You can even include more long tail keywords into your content. SEMRush, the same tool we described above, will do keyword research for you and tell you which keywords to use. Also, If you have money, you can pay for MarketMuse, and they will give you even more keywords than SEMRush will. Remember that keywords need to look organic and flow with your article. So don’t just cram your keywords in wherever you can. It’s also a good practice to use keywords most in your intro and conclusion, as well as your subheaders, meta descriptions and image titles.

Last but certainly not least in these secrets to driving serious traffic, is content optimization. The content marketing world has evolved. Writing blog content isn’t what it used to be. And that awesome post you’d hoped would help increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more traffic to your site will not work unless it’s been optimized to compete. Content optimization boosts the overall quality and value of your blog content insanely. Optimizing your content is usually the last thing you do before you post your article or blog. Using AI tools like SEMRush will show you what needs to be done in order to get the results you want. Using optimized and written content to drive more site traffic is the best way to see incredible long term results for your site.

Aside from content optimization, it’s also important to optimize your website, as this plays into top ranking factors for Google. We recommend checking out our complete guide on how to optimize your content for SEO to learn more.

Always Be Testing

All in all, it’s not that difficult to drive some serious traffic to your website, given you follow proper instructions and content marketing tips. With these methods posted above you can even appear in rankings overnight. The trick is to stay consistent and always be testing new ways to improve your strategy. It’s wise to keep an eye on Google trends and your competitors. When staying aware, you can make changes to your own strategy to capitalize on any of their mistakes.