what are the benefits of redesigning a website?
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what are the benefits of redesigning a website?

What Are The Benefits Of Redesigning A Website?

Many people find themselves at a loss with their websites. It seems that no matter how many blogs or creative images they put out, they can’t keep people on their website. Continually putting out content on your website but failing to see any improvements in traffic or conversions might be due to a bad site. There are a lot more bad websites out there than one would imagine. This is because there is more to a bad website than a poor visual design. You could have a beautiful website and still underperform due to poor functionality or user experience.

The fact of the matter is that the online world is constantly evolving. Technology, search engine optimization (SEO) rules, and marketing trends are always changing, and your website must keep up with them. Even perfect sites can become outdated if left unattended for a long time. This is why it is crucial to consider redesigning a website if you are not getting the results you are looking for. Here are some top benefits of redesigning a website.

Show Visitors You Mean Business

Your website look is an extension of your business and brand identity. It is a way to amplify your mission and services to the masses. Potential customers that find you online and don’t like what they see are more likely to go somewhere else. Having an up to date website shows your customers and competitors that you know the importance of modernity in today’s business world. If you want to improve overall web traffic and conversion rates, you have to make sure that your site is functional, informative, and well-designed. Consider a website redesign as a worthwhile investment that will reduce bounce rates and encourage customers to do business with you and not your competitors.

Improve Your Google Ranking

One of the biggest reasons to redesign your website is that it offers you a fresh start. Make sure you seize this opportunity and optimize your site as much as possible. When redesigning your website, make sure you abide by Google’s ranking factors. While it is true that these factors are a well-kept secret, there are still many tried and tested steps you can take that can improve site performance. Keep in mind that Google is all about the end consumer and want to provide only quality content to its users. Google’s algorithm is looking to rank sites that have fast loading speed, informative content, optimized and illustrative images, and several other technical aspects. By redesigning your website, you can ensure that all of these vital ranking principals are met.

In addition to fixing web design and other technical aspects of your website, you can also take this opportunity to increase rankings by conducting a website SEO audit and focusing more on SEO optimization. Many people that start a website are oblivious to the countless SEO factors that affect their rankings. They continue posting content and only later learn that their content is lacking the proper SEO optimization. Take this opportunity to work on things like meta descriptions, appropriate keywords, internal and external linking, and improved user navigation.

Improve User Experience

There’s nothing quite like a well-designed website. By this, we mean, navigation that is easy for the end user. An ideal website will make it simple to find all the essential information, pricing, contact information that the user needs. Apart from that, a good website will invite users to engage by providing a call to action in areas that peak customer interest.

Pages and sections on the site can help build your credibility through the use of testimonials and awards. Your “About” page should speak about your identity as an organization, expertise, and years in the industry. If all of this is well described and simple to find, then the user will have an overall better experience. Then, they are likely to stay on your site, instead of bouncing off.

Integrate Social Media

There is a lot of hype around the power of social networks and the benefits they can provide. However, a lot of businesses are not making an effort to integrate social media with their websites. It is true that your website and social media can work independently and provide some value. However, integrating them can do wonders for promoting your brand and maximizing conversions. Your redesign can be the perfect moment to combine the best of both worlds. These are some of the best ways to integrate social media on your website and potentially increase the number of leads generated in both channels:

  • Social Media Icons: Placing social media icons allows users to reach your social media accounts easily. This is an excellent way of showing people your brand and providing credibility.
  • Make Social Sharing Possible: One of the best benefits of website-social media integration is the ability to quickly and easily share content. This is perfect for sharing blogs and products to more people.
  • Incorporate Social Login Plugins: Social logins enable users to access your website without creating a separate account. This convenience saves users time and allows them to focus on your services without getting sidetracked by the process of creating an account. In addition to that, it allows brands to capture information and engage potential customers.
  • Social Live Feeds: Having a feed of your social media on your sites is a great way to show website visitors your willingness to engage. This can be all it takes to inspire them to stick to your product or service, if your social media management is up to par.
  • Hashtags and shoutouts: Hashtags and shoutouts are a great way to breakdown the barrier between your business and potential customers. Using incentives (featuring their images on your site, for example) for customers to take action and engage with you on social media can increase traffic and brand awareness over time.

Engage By Using Live Chat

Your contact form should not be the only way for someone to reach you. Live Chat or other chatbots make it simple for users to engage with you after having spent a minute or two on your site. Chatbot services make it easy to start a dialogue with the customer and can use automated messages to ask questions and offer help. It is a great strategy to collect data from your website visitors, and these quick engagements with them make it likely that they can reach out to you immediately with any inquiries.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Mobile Optimization is probably the single most important thing you can do to increase your sales in 2020 and onwards. Google is aware that the majority of online searches are done via mobile devices. In an effort to cater to the majority of their users, they are encouraging the use of a responsive web design. Incorporating a responsive design will mean that all people can look at your website regardless of what device they are using. This alone can increase traffic! A mobile-optimized website has menus, graphics, and text that show correctly in smaller devices.

Extend Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you can manage to do all the above, your site will become a marketing tool that will reach a wider audience in no time. However, it is important to remember that sites are not just online billboards. They are also content management systems play a huge part in the way you distribute your message to the online world. Your website will also play a huge role in your content strategy since they house a majority of your online content. Whether that be blog content, images, or product illustrations, you need to see how you can use its resources to further your content marketing efforts. A good example of this is looking into professional content writing services that can create informative, SEO optimized articles that can generate organic traffic or be used as newsletters.

Outshine your Competitors

The truth is that not all companies are as savvy as you may be. It takes a while for most to think about redesigning their website, especially if they just started recently. In this quickly changing market, it is all the more important to adapt and be ahead of the curb. If your site stands out for all the right reasons, then you will have no problems getting customers.

Always Be Testing

When it comes to improvement in the online world, there are no shortcuts. The answer lies in doing research, optimizing, and testing things out. There is no reason to waste time doing that yourself. Leave the job to professionals that have gone through the process and know what works. We offer site web design services that are sure to give you an edge on the competition. With our insights and professional web developers and web designers in your corner, you are sure to see dramatic improvements. Should you choose to tackle the task on your own, or opt for professional services, remember that the key to success is perseverance. Try things out, analyze the results, and adjust where needed.

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