Why Is Content Marketing Important?

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Content Marketing has become a necessity for any industry professional or new brand. Behind any successful digital marketing strategy, there is exciting, new, valuable, and informative content, much of it delivered via a masterfully worded blog article. You use this content to identify and connect with your readers along their potential buyers journey. As they indulge in your content, they should be gaining answers to their questions and, as well as solutions to issues that they may have. 

However, your content does not only apply to your audience. Successful Content marketing opens the door to many more benefits and opportunities for you. The goal today is to help you understand the importance of content marketing and why this strategy is key to your overall online marketing success.

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Below we will highlight some crucial reasons that validate why content marketing is a must-have in the digital world we live in today. 

1. Content Marketing Provides Maximum Value

When it comes down to providing value to your readers, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to go. By distributing high-quality content that solves your readers’ issues, you build their trust in you as an industry professional. Chances are that your readers will keep coming back to you for related information as long as you remain consistent and reliable in your field. With more returning traffic and a loyal audience, you are sure to get more leads and customers from your targeted audience.

Today’s digital atmosphere calls for more than your traditional marketer, visual content, landing pages, live-streaming, stories, and customer reviews all play a part in the overall success of the content strategies you decide to implement. Content Marketing is the best way to build a lasting relationship with your audience, and it’s quite the opposite of traditional marketing. In this long-term strategy, you still receive many short term benefits, including heightened rankings and an increase in organic traffic. When looking towards the future, you can be sure maintaining your audience’s trust and attention will eventually lead to your products and services being purchased by those who come in contact with your digital content.

2. Content Marketing Is More Effective Than Ads

Not only is content marketing more effective than advertisements and other marketing ploys, but it is much more cost-efficient. Inbound marketers know that through high-quality informative content, you can entertain and excite your readers, while at the same time informing them and answering important questions. When doing so, you are doing what no advertisement can do, providing them with expert content that offers value.

Content Marketing is also better than paid ads in terms of SEO. By putting out great, search engine optimized, consistent content, your organic traffic can increase in as little as one day. In some cases, overnight. When your readers are coming to your website for premium content, you now have the perfect opportunity to show how your products or services are unique and better than anyone else’s. This essentially means that you are building brand awareness while providing useful content. Content Marketing does not eliminate the need for other marketing techniques but is needed more than other marketing techniques.

Take a look here how a user went to this website to read a great article and ended up learning the brand’s services.

EXAMPLE – screenshot, good blog on website leading into services or products

3. Content Marketers Collaborate With Each Other

One similarity all content marketers have in common is their desire to connect with their audience and become known as industry experts. To accomplish this, it is sometimes necessary to work with one another toward common goals. Successful content marketers are not only insightful and up to date with the latest technology trends, but are also willing to give recognition where recognition is due.

When working with a fellow industry expert, you will link to each other’s blog articles and other content. This way, you help each other to increase your organic traffic. Other forms of collaboration include sharing a podcast, giving social media shout outs, and sharing ad space. On most social media platforms, you will be able to tag and link accounts and content that is relevant to a shared audience.

EXAMPLE – Strong Social blog referencing an industry influencer 

4. Content Marketing showcases your products and services

While you’re developing your content marketing strategy, it’s important to center your core topics around your products and services, so you are constantly driving traffic towards the fundamental products/services of your business. For example, if you run a restaurant, your content will be focused on the food industry. In addition, you will probably put out content on recipes, cooking tips, special events, and entertainment that’s relevant to your restaurant. Each time a potential customer types an inquiry through any of the many available search engines, your SEO optimized, useful content will appear as a high ranking result, setting you up as one of the top industry experts.

When you structure your products and services into a great content marketing strategy, your audience is prone to inquire about your restaurant. As you provide them value by giving them the content they want, your content is secretly promoting you and your business. 

An example of this is using a blog post that is on the blog section of your site and using internal links within the blog post that lead to specific landing pages where you can collect the customer’s data or direct them to your services page on your website.

5. Content Marketing works well with other marketing strategies

Content Marketing pairs with other strategies famously. Think about it for a second, when you implement any other strategy than content marketing, what are you giving to your audience? The answer should be more than just viable information. 

Social media provides inbound marketers with the opportunity to use digital marketing to create brand awareness via posts, videos, and stories. But they aren’t the only type of informative content out there. Here are a couple of examples of content marketing and a brief explanation of the important role content creation plays in marketing today.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, you send thousands of emails a year nurturing your leads and reaching out to new prospects. In this email, you need to develop some high-quality content to help your reader move forward in this process. A generic email template with nothing but text will not cut it these days. Take a look at these two templates and guess which will be more effective.

EXAMPLE – two email marketing templates, one generic, one visually appealing

Ads and Commercials

Have you ever looked at a fast-food advertisement and instantly got thirsty or hungry? That’s because visual content is extremely important. Whether it be an advertisement on a billboard or a video taken for a commercial, Content plays a role in many different places, such as LED billboards, TV, and social media marketing done via Ads.

Mobile Marketing

When we talk about Mobile Marketing we are referring to a strategy that aims to reach users via their mobile phones. Every major social media platform has gone out of its way to make adaptive websites, vertical videos, easy to access content that looks good and operates well on mobile devices. It’s only natural that we should follow their example. Be sure to take this into account when rethinking your next steps for content distribution, mobile is the present and future.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks have become a part of our everyday lives. Businesses need to know how important it is to build brand awareness on these networks. The fact of the matter is that people react differently to different types of content. Diversifying your approach on social media will ensure you reach your ideal buyer with the content they like to consume. Whether that be an in-depth blog post or an informative video, your message needs to spread. The best way to do that is by sharing different types of content on your social media channels. 

Some lesser-used examples of content marketing could be live-streaming, webinars, vlogs, IGTV, polls on Instagram feeds or via stories. We are seeing a trend in leads generated by videos more and more, as opposed to text-based or image-based only content. These days, content distribution must be more versatile and dynamic than ever to outsmart the competition.

Always Be Testing

In conclusion, content marketing is indispensable to proving industry authority, driving traffic, lead generation, and building trust in your readers. The only thing you have to do to ensure good results is to make sure your content is valuable, relevant, and consistent. Whether content marketing is your sole strategy or part of a larger digital marketing strategy, you are sure to grow your business by implementing this method. 

We hope you learned something new about content creation in this post and how you can help your potential clients along in their buyers’ journey through content marketing and, in doing so, help to grow your business. We recommend taking a look into our complete and detailed guide to content marketing in 2020. You won’t have to look anywhere else for content marketing-related information.

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